Academic Lectures

Guest Lecturer, Language, Gender, and Place/Space: A Semiotic Landscape Perspective, De La Salle University, December 18, 2021

Resource Speaker, “Language Socialization in the Workplace: Our Demand to Language Genre and Workplace Communication”, Department of Education, MIMAROPA Region, December 15, 2021

Resource Speaker, The Discursive Infrastructure of Language and Gender/Sexuality in Public Spaces: A Semiotic Landscape Inquiry”, Eastern Visayas State University, December 14, 2021

Resource Speaker, Gender-Fair Language and Gender-Responsive Instructional Materials”, Central Bicol State University of Agriculture, November 16, 2021 “Gender-Fair Language and Gender-Neutral Spaces”, Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, June 1, 2021

Resource Speaker, “Hot Male, Ladyboy and Sexy Girls”: Semiotic Landscape of Masculinity and Femininity in Bangkok Sex Tourism Spaces, Southern Luzon State University, May 26, 2021

Guest Lecturer,“Creating Gender-Neutral Spaces: A Semiotic Landscape Perspective” A Special Lecture in Gender and Society, BA in Communication, Trinity University of Asia, November 24, 2020

Guest Lecturer, “Language, Gender and Sexuality: On Speech Style, Gendered Speech and Social Class”, A Special Lecture in Sociolinguistics, PhD English Language Education, Graduate School, Philippine Normal University, October 17, 2020

Guest Lecturer, Multilingualism, Translanguaging and the Filipino Identity” A Special Lecture, BA Philippine Studies, College of Arts and Letters, University of the Philippines, Diliman, October 8, 2020

Plenary Speaker, “Isolation or Inclusion: Hate, Tolerance, and Acceptance towards the LGBTQI+ Community”, A Keynote Address for FEU Sexuality and Gender Alliance, September 26, 2020

Resource Speaker,“Watch your language! Tone and Diction in the Public and Private Spaces," A Special Lecture for BA in Language and Literature, Far Eastern University, February 28, 2020

Resource Speaker, “Gendering Education Spaces: Insights from Gender, Sexuality and Semiotic Landscape” A Webinar delivered at Southern Luzon State University, Tiaong Campus, July 10, 2020

Resource Speaker, "Uncovering the English Language Program, National University, Manila, Philippines" attended by students of the AB English program. February 21, 2015

Resource Speaker, "English Majors: Identity, Direction and Opportunity", Central Colleges of the Philippines, Quezon City, Philippines; attended by AB and BSE English majors. September 25, 2013